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Contents & Abstracts Journal of Seismic Exploration

CONTENTS Volume 20, Number 2, May 2011
D. Sava, B.A. Hardage, M. DeAngelo and P. Murphy
Evaluating marine gas-hydrate systems. Part II: Rock physics joint inversion of electrical resistivity and seismic velocities
W. Wang, J. Gao and W. Chen
Robust estimates of seismic reflector orientations with weighted vector directional filter
A.B. Weglein, R.H. Stolt and J.D. Mayhan
Reverse-time migration and Green's theorem: Part II - A new and consistent theory that progresses and corrects current RTM concepts and methods
X. Deng, D. Yang, T. Liu and B. Yang
Study of least squares support vector regression filtering technology with a new 2D Ricker wavelet kernel
Y. Shiri, A. Moradzadeh, A. Shiri and A. Chehrazi
Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for prediction of porosity from seismic attributes; case study, Farour.A oil field, Persian Gulf, Iran
S. Pyun, W. Son and C.S. Shin
Implementation of the Gauss-Newton method for frequency-domain full waveform inversion using a logarithmic objective function


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