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Contents & Abstracts Journal of Seismic Exploration

CONTENTS Volume 19, Number 2, April 2010
J.E.M. Lira, K.A. Innanen, A.B. Weglein and A.C. Ramirez
Correction of primary amplitudes for plane-wave transmission loss through an acoustic or absorptive overburden with the inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuation algorithm: an initial study and 1D numerical examples
T. Mi, J. Ma, H. Chauris and H. Yang
Multilevel adaptive mesh modeling for wave propagation in layered media
E. Nosrat, A. Javaherian, M.R. Torabi and H.B. Asiri
Pore pressure prediction using 3D seismic velocity data: a case study, a carbonate oil field, SW Iran
Y. Zhou, W. Chen, J. Gao and Y. He
Empirical mode decomposition based instantaneous frequency and seismic thin-bed analysis
J. Chen, C. Zhang and R.P. Bording
Comparison between the nearly perfectly matched layer and unsplit convolutional perfectly matched layer methods using acoustic wave modeling
W. Söllner, I. Tsvankin and E. Filpo Ferreira da Silva
Multi-azimuth prestack time migration for anisotropic, weakly heterogeneous media


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